Customisable Roles and Permissions


We provide default roles as standard, but each organisation needs role definitions and permissions unique to their environment. Multiple custom roles are created and defined as required.

These roles can provide granular permissions on a wide variety of actions throughout Able+ Cloud. Roles can then be applied to users and groups, either automatically (via the Able+ MDX engine), or when needed for an ad hoc manual provisioning, via the simple-to-use, intuitive user interface.

How it works

The permission engine creates a matrix for the logged-in user, taking into consideration both its direct assignments/roles and those inherited through the hierarchy the user belongs to.

Every action within Able+ and every external authentication is verified against this matrix, guaranteeing both maximum flexibility and security.


Flexible Roles and Permissions

Gives flexibility to create unique access and permissions

Provides granular identities, roles and groups

Easily customisable to your organisations own needs


Why choose Able+ Cloud for our identity & access management solution?


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Identity Management

App Catalogue

Automated Licensing & User Provisioning


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