Identity Management


Able+ Cloud provides a solution with all the tools needed to ensure users have access to the right resources, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Our unique MDX engine with the Able+ solution manages data complexity and business rules to ensure a single identity and unique user record. Able+ Cloud enables you to synchronise users and groups with any number of directories, such as Active Directory, LDAP, GSuite and Office 365. Data is managed from multiple sources, then synchronised real-time or at your chosen frequency.

How it works

Utilising bi-directional mapping, the Able+ MDX engine manages identity propagation across multiple data sources including Office 365 and G-Suite.

The MDX engine provides the seamless creation, update and deletion of users and groups also pushing this data from sources to Able+ and where required, back.

Able+ comprehensive business rules and algorithms are applied to manage each identity; ensuring the right access and permissions are applied. The users’ identity is always contextual and is based on their location, role and permissions.


Secure Identity Management

Automatically manages complex identity and access rules

Enhances security and compliance

Automates provision and updating of identities through synchronisation


Why choose Able+ Cloud for your identity & access management solution?


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Automated Licensing & User Provisioning

App Catalogue

Customisable Roles and Permissions


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