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Able+ cloud offers a range of authentication and authorisation methods to integrate to the cloud, hybrid and on-premise applications.

Our simple on-boarding process ensures that standards-based apps may be quickly added without developer intervention. Where non-standard integration is required, an efficient integration service is provided.

Access to apps is identity-driven and can be managed automatically, via Able’s MDX business rules at the point of identity creation, or manually via the simple, intuitive user interface.

Apps may be automatically assigned to users or alternatively, added to their app catalogue enabling them to choose if they wish to add to their personal dashboard and use them or not.

App assignment or withdrawal is both quick and simple.


How it works

An app is onboard on the platform level. The authorisation protocol to be associated with it will be set. App available for the Organisation and/or specific user will be determined according to the rules and permissions.

The App Catalogue engine will generate a contextualised auth response to grant the appropriate and relevant access.


App integration made easy

Flexibility to allow users to add their own apps where necessary

Removes clutter – users only see the apps relevant to them

Immediate removal of apps in bulk or individually as required


Why choose Able+ Cloud for your identity & access management solution?


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Identity Management

Automated Licensing & User Provisioning

Customisable Roles and Permissions


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