Able+ Cloud enables secure authentication through a standard username and password protocol

Password strength and other security factors are determined by the user’s identity type. This can be set to demanding a higher security level of credentials for more sensitive roles; or for those involved in research, say for example. Where required, additional authentication factors are put in place for the required users or groups as defined by your Organisation’s security needs.

How it works

The password value is hashed using a highly secure algorithm. This is compared with the value securely stored in Able+ cloud solution. Identity checking is real-time during the session.


Robust authentication

Enable appropriate levels of security to be set for different types of users

Set variable security at group and role level

Change security levels as risk changes or for sensitive projects, roles and groups


Why choose Able+ Cloud for your identity & access management solution?


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Identity Management

App Catalogue

Customisable Roles and Permissions

Automated Licensing & User Provisioning

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