Coronavirus Preparedness Statement

Statement posted March 17th 2020

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are continuing to monitor closely the impact on customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

We recognise that our services, especially those supporting the remote delivery of learning and staff/parent communications will be in high demand over the forthcoming weeks.

We have put into place a Business Continuity Plan that assures our customers of continued high quality service irrespective of potential long-term office closures.

As a company that provides online learning and communication solutions and has used online training as central to its operation, we are well-placed to continue our business operations in a time of uncertainty and unpredictability. As well as making changes to our working practices with increased working from home, we have increased our capacity in both customer support and service delivery to provide resilience at a times of peak activity.

We are working closely with the global New Era Technology Group, who have published the following:

COVID19 Statement

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