The online platform that teaches online safety to primary school pupils

Using DB Primary during in a school closure

Create a remote classroom with DB Primary – our online platform, which comes complete with extensive curriculum resources.

  • Create a class community page, which your pupils can access remotely
  • Set activities from our extensive Learning Library for pupils to complete remotely from home
  • Includes self-marking activities as well as the ability to create and schedule you own
  • Includes Computing, Maths, English and Topics
  • Encourage collaberation and communication in a safe environment with blogs, forums and emails

Save your teachers up to 11 hours a week, with access to 1,000s of online resources with the DB Learning Library

Digital literacy and e-Safety

  • Teaches pupils digital literacy in a safe & secure environment
  • e-Safety features and content
  • Moderation and profanity filtering

Communication tools

  • Teaches key online communication skills
  • Blogs and forums
  • Shared spaces
  • Personal email

Anytime learning

  • Extended learning beyond the classroom
  • Increased attainment & home learning
  • Anytime, anywhere access



“For me, our attainment in computing would not have been possible without the use of DB Primary”

Dave Presky, Head of ICT


How does DB Primary help teach online safety in primary schools?


Anytime, anywhere access

Access the platform remotely from home or in school, increasing home learning and attainment.

E-safety content

Tick off your computing curriculum with particular focus on E-Safety.

Digital Literacy

Teach digital literacy in a secure environment.

Blog, forums & emails

Learn to communicate safely online using blogs and forums.

Pupil progress tracking

Track and analyse pupil progress as well as bench marking against peers.

Online communities

Learn to share information responsibly via online communities.

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